You can now host an online Netflix watch party while stuck in quarantine

Netflix and chill - in your respective homes. Coronavirus is quaking
You can now host an online Netflix watch party while stuck in quarantine

Have you been passing the weeks trying random TikToks and snapping torrential rainstorms? Do you miss the days you could go out to catch a movie with the gang at the cinema? Or maybe you're an introvert craving for just a tiny bit of interaction without actually having to go through the anxiety of meeting people (not that you can even if you wanted to now).

Well whatever category you fall into, listen up. We've got the perfect solution to all your self-isolation woes: a Netflix watch party.

Google Chrome now has an extension for all the quarantiners and it's called *drumroll please* Netflix Party! Install it on your browser and select the "start the party" option from NP icon. If you're the host, you can decide if you want to be the only one that gets to control options like pausing and playing, or let others be able to as well.

You'll get a link to invite people to the party but they all need to have a Netflix account (duh). And if you know a non-Netflixer then you can do them a favour and tell them Netflix has a free 30-day-trial for newbs. (Like, what else are you actually doing with your life?)

There's also a cool chat feature in the sidebar so you can simultaneously rant or fangirl about what you're watching, as well as keep track of who's joined the group. Because nothing brings people closer than binge-watching together.

We've also come through and put together some recommendations for you, especially if you're all about them true crime documentaries. Happy Netflix-ing!

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And the best part? It's. Totally. Free.