7 things to do if you're self-quarantining

Who said isolation had to be boring?
7 things to do if you're self-quarantining

#StayHome has been trending on Twitter and we're pretty sure you've guessed why. Yup, some more coronavirus news...

The UAE, Kuwait and Saudi are basically on lockdown to prevent any further spread of the pandemic COVID-19. Beaches, tourist attractions, cinemas, bars and even some restaurants have closed, schools have also shut and office employees are being encouraged to work from home.

This basically means most of us are self-quarantining, and are stuck at home. If you're a homebody, you'll defo be in your element, and if you're not, well, we've got you covered.

We've made a list of some hobbies you can take on while staying at home. 



Our very own, Ahlam Bolooki, gives us book recommends every month that'll keep you busy if you don't want to be stuck to your screen. As the director of the Emirates Airline of Festival Literature, she's the ultimate book worm with the best suggestions. Click here to find out more. 


Netflix & Chillin'

This is an obvious one, but catching up on some of your favourite series and movies is a great option while self-isolating. On My Block? La Casa de Papel? All the Bright Places? We're pretty sure you haven't watched these new releases on Netflix yet. So grab your quarantine snacks, your blanket, and chill out for a bit. 


Teach yourself how to paint or illustrate

If you've ever wanted to take on a more creative hobby, then why not start now? Pick up an easel, a canvas and some watercolours and let your imagination run free! This'll be a great way to channel positive energy, and to use your time in a more wholesome way. 


Work from home

As much as we'd love to sit back and do the bare minimum at home during this quarantine period, it also isn't the best way to use our time. Opt for working from home to increase your productivity throughout the day. Set yourself a schedule and give yourself a couple of hours during the day to do this - it'll definitely stop you from getting lazy when you go back to the office.



Although your local gym may be closed, that doesn't mean you have to stop your daily workout routine. Follow some online trainers for at-home exercise inspo, lay out your mat, get into your gym gear and do a 30-40 minute workout everyday. That way you'll get your body moving and your blood pumping! 


Tidy up your house

You know all that laundry you've been putting off because you were too busy to do it? Yeah well, it's caught up to you now. And you can finally do that spring cleaning you've been scheduling for weeks. Take some inspo from Marie Kondo and change-up your home. A tidy space = a clean and positive mindset. 


Become a TikTok star


@zoifishh Supalonely (feat. Gus Dapperton) - BENEE

Now this may be a bit of a stretch, but it'll definitely keep you entertained at home. Instead of just flicking through TikTok for hours upon hours, try to make a video yourself and produce some content. Now's the time to finally learn the Renegade