12 things to watch on Netflix this March

Let the binging begin!
12 things to watch on Netflix this March

Have you already exhausted your must-watch list on Netflix? Did you just finish a show that left a gaping hole in your heart that you need to fill? Are you wondering what to possibly watch next? Well, look no further and wonder no more 'cause we got ya back. Regardless of what genre you're looking for, here are some top picks that you need to keep your eyes peeled for this month because who needs sleep anyway?

1. Love is Blind

If you missed this one then honestly, what are you doing? Love is Blind surrounds the stories of people set up to meet the love of their lives, only they can never see each other until engaged. Packed full of drama and feels, this emotional rollercoaster ride of show is totally a must-watch.

2. On My Block: Season 3

Four hilarious and quirky teenagers from Freeridge are forced to live a far-from-normal life getting mixed up in dangerous and somehow comical situations in the tough neighbourhoods of LA, in yet another season of On My Block.

3. Locke and Key

Three siblings move to their ancestral home after the death of their father who was murdered. Once there, they discover that nothing is as it seems, in the house filled with keys that open all sorts of mysterious doorways.

4. Elite Season 3

Set in Spain, the third season of Elite will introduce two new characters to the plot brimming with suspense, drama and murder.

5. Ozark Season 3

Ozark begins with what seems like a normal family, and traces their downward spiral into a life ridden with crime as Marty Byrde gets mixed in drug cartels and big money.

6. Kingdom

This Korean drama follows a desperate crown prince on a mission to save his kingdom from a terrible plague turning people into monsters. This thriller is sure to keep your heart pounding throughout.

7. YOU Season 2

This psychologial thriller that got people talking is totally something YOU should watch if YOU haven't already - all puns intended.

8. Next in Fashion

Teams of designers come to create trends - and not just set them - with a big, fat cash price lying in wait for the team that emerges victorious.

9. All the Bright Places

Based off the best-selling book, All the Bright Places is going to tug at your heartstrings, so having a spare box of tissues will come in handy. If that isn't convincing enough, the movie stars Elle Fanning and Justice Smith. Now go watch it.

10. Cheer

Even if cheerleading may not seem your thing, the emotional and inspirational stories behind these young cheerleaders competing to be the best they can be in the face of all sorts of difficulties will surely move you. 

11. I Am Not Okay With This

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From the same producers of Stranger Things, this show is about a teenager dealing with what life throws at her, especially considering her newfound superpowers.

12. Lost Girls

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Based off a true story, this movie surrounds a brave, desperate mother on the search for her missing child, whose investigation leads her to realise a whole gruesome pattern of crime entirely.