Get Your Life Together With These Easy Cleaning Habits

Hacks for a clean & organised space.
Get Your Life Together With These Easy Cleaning Habits

Messy room and busy life? I’ve got hacks that will help you get your place looking SO fab! Whether you're in uni or working, it’s no secret that life sometimes gets a little overwhelming and we end up neglecting our living space. I treat my room as a haven where I can unwind and escape the noise of the outside world. That’s why I try to keep it as neat and organised as possible. Here's some easy tips to get started:

1 Sort your laundry regularly

When laundry isn’t taken care of, things can get messy quite fast. Before you know it, you have clean and dirty clothes mixed up and you can’t find that one top that matches your outfit. I’ve found that having something as simple as a laundry basket makes life so much easier. Toss the dirty ones in there and fold the clean ones as soon as they’re dry.

2 Clean dishes as soon as you're done eating 

Trust me, when you leave them a little longer, you’ll end up feeling lazy. While cooking, make it a priority to clean as you go! Not seeing a bunch of piled dishes after you've eaten, is a blessing.

3 Wipe surfaces at least once a week

Cabinets, drawers, window seals are some of the parts in the house we mostly ignore. Try wiping surfaces around your house at least once a week. It doesn’t take that much time. For the kitchen counter, remember to give it a quick wipe after doing the dishes/cooking.

4 Get organising containers

This is a must to keep your space looking neat. Get a couple of containers and allocate a purpose to each. This will help segregate things around your space and you'll never have to stress about finding anything again.

5 Leave your shoes at the doorstep

This is done in most Indian households and honestly, there's something to be said about it. Why should you bring in the dust, grime and muck from the outside world, indoors? Leave your shoes at the entrance or at a designated shoe cupboard and walk barefoot or with home slippers. It really reduces the amount of dust at home.