Coronavirus: Abu Dhabi closes tourist attractions, cinemas and more

This lock down is designed to prevent the further spread of COVID-19
Coronavirus: Abu Dhabi closes tourist attractions, cinemas and more

Get ready for a very quiet, low-key week (or three). 

The Department of Economic Development (DED) and Abu Dhabi City Municipality have just announced the closure of parks, beaches, bars, tourist attractions, and cinemas in the emirate. The DED have stated that this is to limit gatherings that “may be the cause of the transmission of infection”. 

This includes sites such as the Louvre, Qasr al Watan, Manarat Saadiyat, Yas Waterworld, Ferrari World and Clymb Abu Dhabi.

This news came along with the UAE announcing its "temporary suspension" on isssuing visa's from 17 March onwards. 

In regards to the closure of most sites in Abu Dhabi, it was advised that if you plan on going anywhere, calling or checking the site of the business in advanced is best. So if you've got any plans this weekend, we suggest re-thinking your strategy or calling the location to check if it'll be open. Better safe than sorry!

It's assumed that these measures will be in place until the end of March or may possibly last till April depending on the situation of the pandemic

The UAE currently has 86 coronavirus cases, with 23 recovered. As The National mentioned, "the UAE authorities are building a a new medical facility to help treat Covid-19 infections" and "senior health officials said the site would provide all the necessary equipment and medical expertise to treat patients over a 14-day quarantine period." 

Many are now 'self-isolating' and quarantining themselves at home, stocking up on basic supplies to see this now-classified pandemic out. As many places in Abu Dhabi are being closed for the time being, it's only right that self-isolation is the way forward to try to push this virus out of the country. 

Here's to a couple of days of working from home, binge-watching, reading and maybe even napping. 

Stay safe and sanitised everyone!