Chunky highlights are a thing again, according to Jennifer Lopez

Is this the end of balayage as we know it? (Yes)
Chunky highlights are a thing again, according to Jennifer Lopez
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Is JLO hell-bent on giving us turbo-charged 90s nostalgia? It certainly feels that way. As if her iconic Grammys Green Dress reboot on the Versace catwalk wasn’t enough to remind us all of simpler times, she’s now gone and done the unthinkable with her hair: she’s gone chunky.

Her hairstylist, Christ Appleton shared a grid shot on Tuesday night of our gal sporting her flashes of brunette and champagne blonde and, not gonna lie, I’m... surprisingly into it?

I absolutely refuse to make a Jenny from the block joke here, but it’s not the first time JLo has opted for weightier highlights - they were, after all, the look of the 90s. Remember waitressing era Rachel Green, and Buffy, and basically every member of Atomic Kitten?

And though I expected to be low-key triggered by the inevitable return of the chunk, I can’t lie about the fact that it’s nice to see something a bit different.

Chunky highlights have been trickling into the mainstream for the last year or so now - Kim Kardashian tested the waters last year with subtle chunks of caramel blonde woven into her dark hair. And then Dua Lipa came along in October with her two-tone bob, fully flying the flag for blocky hair colour.

Throw into the mix Billie Eilish’s ever-changing colour panelling (seriously raising the bar with neon green roots) and we’ve got a graphic hair colour revolution on our hands.

But are ombre and balayage looks becoming a thing of the past? We’d hazard a guess at saying actually, no - these looks are so damn classic they’re likely to stick around for a long time, like the blue jeans of the hair colour world.

That said, I’m *this* close from booking in an appointment - like it or not, this look will be everywhere by the end of summer - mark our words.

PSA, however - chunky blonde comes with serious risks: take that time Dua Lipa snapped her hair off with peroxide as a stark warning. With great hair comes great responsibility - always use a hair mask.

Please chunk responsibly.

Via Cosmopolitan UK