7 'flip the switch' Tik Tok challenge videos that just made our day

[SPOILER ALERT] JLo and A-rod are undoubtedly the winners
7 'flip the switch' Tik Tok challenge videos that just made our day

Another day, another TikTok challenge. 

The latest trending TikTok video being shared across all social platforms is a definite pick-me-up. The challenge is related to one of Drake's songs (where all good stories start...), Nonstop, where he sings "I just flipped the switch."

Low-and-behold, thanks to the power of social media, TikTokers have been dancing infront of mirrors flipping switches (literally).

To further explain - incase this sounds bizarre - participants of the challenge dance during the song, and turn the lights off and then back on again. Each person is supposed to completely switch roles, including switching their clothes and any other objects they might be holding. Sounds fun, right? 


Who’s got the best moves? Me or the dog? ##fliptheswitch ##ijustfliptheswitch ##foryoupage ##dogsoftiktok ##viral original sound - bellalambert

Influencers, celebs and every TikToker you can think of have been posting their own versions, and we've rounded up our favourite ones. Scroll down to take a look...

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we had to do it

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accidental hair reveal w/ @suemisevis original sound - bellalambert

Everyone and their MUM have done it...


original sound - bellalambert

Jlo and her man A-rod broke the Internet with it...

They deserve all the awards. 

And lets not forget senator Elizabeth Warren mastering it...

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Even Drake had something say about this new viral phenomenon: