What the heck is the #BroomChallenge and why is it trending?

No really - can someone fill us in????
What the heck is the #BroomChallenge and why is it trending?

In today's news of 'the Internet doing weird stuff and making it go viral,' we introduce to you: the #BroomChallenge. 

Social media is the prime place for everyone to showcase the most bizzare finds and challenges - lest we forget the Mannequin Challenge, the Tide Pod Challenge (smh) and the Dolly Parton Challenge (which was actually pretty cute.) Honestly, we can't keep up. 

But today, household brooms are showing up all over Instagram and Twitter. Yep, *brooms*.

And if you didn't think that sentence was weird enough, wait till you hear that the challenge was started by none other that...NASA. Yup, *NASA*.

Last Monday, tweets started circulating with claims that NASA said broomsticks will be able to stand up on February 10 because of the Earth's gravitational pull on that day.

And ofc, people online believed it... 


Thus, the #BroomChallenge was born. The entire challenge is just about testing out this scientific theory by seeing if you can balance your broom. It's got the Internet so excited that even celebrities are joining in.

Don't believe us? Scroll down to see some of the best tweets and reactions...

So DJ Khaled really loves the word 'theory'...this is too funny. 

Oh great, someone decided to do a Valentine's Day edition of the challenge...


*Cosmo has left the chat*