Ariana Grande Paid NASA A Visit Dressed As A Real-Life Astronaut

"This is one small step for woman, one giant leap for woman-kind."
Ariana Grande Paid NASA A Visit Dressed As A Real-Life Astronaut

Y’all, Ariana Grande was at the NASA Johnson Space Centre in Houston this weekend and it’s honestly the best thing ever. Just take a peak at her in her little space suit.

Have you ever seen a cuter astronaut? 


She's seen leaving a note that reads:

"It's like I'm the universe and you'll be N-A-S-A"

Here’s a fun fact for you; that's actually a lyric from her song, NASA which is a track from Ari’s latest ‘thank u next’ album.

We even got this amazing snippet from one of her Instastories, playing an ode to the extremely boppy song:

So, does that mean we could potentially be expecting the third music video from her latest album to add to the ’thank u next’ and ‘7 Rings’ music videos? It would explain why she was at the Space station.

It's not like she was there to test fly her rocket (though she could totally afford one with the kind of money she must be making from all her recent successes). 

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