Amazon launches in Saudi Arabia
Jun 22, 2020
This is great news for small businesses!
Dubai updates move permit to every three days
Apr 16, 2020
Essential trips only
Dubai Ambulance just installed a walk-through self-sterilisation device for paramedics on the front line
Mar 31, 2020
It starts automatically, once it detects a movement...
Coronavirus in the UAE: All the events that have been cancelled and postponed
Mar 16, 2020
April events are getting cancelled due to Coronavirus threatening outbreak
The UAE's Weather Was Anything But Sunny, And Ofc, The Internet Couldn't Deal
Jan 13, 2020
We've gathered the best reactions to prove it
SOS: Prepare for a Cloudy Weekend!
Dec 12, 2019
Netflix and chill is the only plan this weekend
Yay! Dubai Garden Glow Is Finally Back
And there's so much more to see this season!