12 of the most incredible rain and lightning shots from last night

Caution: these may take you by storm
12 of the most incredible rain and lightning shots from last night

Whether you were quarantining or traversing the roads last night, it was very hard to miss that freaky storm that blew everyone away. Almost literally. There are now giant puddles everywhere (as always after a rainy day in the UAE), so if you're planning to leave the house for an impromptu snack run, make sure your feet are prepared.

If you had your face pressed against the window from home for the whole night, you'll still wanna check these out. And if you were self-isolating and completely missed the epic storm for whatever reason, fear not! We have your back. Here's are 12 of the move unbelievable snaps and videos of the storm captured around the UAE last night:

The Burj Khalifa is always a spot for breathtaking pictures and this was no exception:

Showers of rain and cute, aesthetic lighting always makes for an insta-worthy shot:

Keep swiping on this next one to see the strokes of lightning behind the beautiful sihouette of a mosque...

The lightning strikes across the sky will send shivers down your spine...

A bench has never looked this good:

"Thunder, feel the thunder, lightning then the thunder!"

This last video gives us the CHILLS:

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