ATTN: We've Rounded Up The Best Foreign Language Shows On Netflix!

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ATTN: We've Rounded Up The Best Foreign Language Shows On Netflix!

One of our fave things about Netflix has gotta be how much more inclusive it's been getting lately. It's got some internationally acclaimed shows hitting its shelves lately, and we're LIVING. Foreign language shows are totes a 'must' for anyone looking to venture outta the mainstream range of shows, or just if you're even looking to polish your ninth grade French.

We've got some of the best foreign lang shows on Netflix right here, and disclaimer: you will NOT stop watching.

1. Money Heist/La Casa de Papel

Language: Spanish

Okay, if you haven't heard of this absolute FIRE Spanish heist series, have you been living under a rock?! With its third season released just two days ago,  Money Heist is taking Netflix by a storm. It's won an Emmy too, just FYI. Think, intense action, romance, hostages and the Royal Mint of Spain being robbed from within. Oh and did I mention? A droolworthy cast of some of Spain's top actors.

Watch Money Heist here

2. The Forest/La forêt

Language: French

The French Ardennes is one of the most scenic spots to lose yourself in the beauty of nature...except losing yourself becomes more literal in La forêt. When a 16-year old girl goes missing from a quaint lil French town, the cops hound an intense chase to find the culprit. Also, this crime show features some really unique characters, including Eve, a local teacher who doesn't remember her childhood. At all. Cue: SHIVERS.

Catch The Forest on Netflix rn.

3. Baby

Language: Italian

Hands down, one of my absolute FAVES on Netflix. Baby has it all - glamour, scandal, the underworld, and hella romance. The Italian series follows the lives of two young girls living in one of the wealthiest parts of Rome who get a little #bored with the main life. The solution? Ludo and Chiara find themselves leading a double life once they get involved with the underworld. Ugh, even the soundtrack of this show is so amazing.

Drool over Baby here.

4. Dark

Language: German

Can all the Stranger Things fans put their hands up? Yup, here's the perfect fix for you. 'Dark' is a supernatural German thriller series that traces a missing child. four distraught families, and a secret that's three generations old...hmm, sinister. Oh and, there's TIME TRAVEL. Omw to grab the popcorn and binge watch this all night.

Shiver through Dark here

5. Elite

Language: Spanish

I found Elite bc I fell in love with Money Heist's cast, and tbh best decision ever. Elite is the story of three middle-class Spanish students who find themselves on scholarship to one of Madrid's top private schools suddenly. What makes Elite so interesting is how it explores the dynamic between the wealthier students, and the new kids as each struggles to fit in. But not so easy - there's a murder, too, FYI. 

Get your whole Spanish fix here.

6. Quicksand 

Language: Swedish

Maja Norberg's life seems literally perf - she's top at  her private Stockholm school, has a lit party life, and is dating that cute new boy, Sebastian. Seb is goals too, btw, he literally came to France to pick her up on a yacht. Yeah, seems a little too good to be true... who even really is Sebastian and is their relationship as perf as we think? A million questions, and six episodes worth of this Swedish thriller later, you'll be quaking.

Find out what happens here.

7. Leila

Language: Hindi

Based in an alternate version of the future where the world is ruled by a suuuuper tight regime, the divisions of society are REAL in Leila's universe. Enter: Shalini, a mother desperately looking to beat the system to find her missing daughter. Heads up: we love #grlpwr and this Indian woman's story will have you watching literally nonstop and make you miss your mum some more, tbh. 

Watch Leila here

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