Amr Diab to star in a brand-new Arabic Original Netflix series

The Egyptian superstar returns to drama after a 27 year hiatus
Amr Diab to star in a brand-new Arabic Original Netflix series

Last night, Netflix MENA surprised us all by revealing their latest project with Egyptian superstar, Amr Diab. 

We all know and love Amr Diab as a musician, but now we're about to meet him (once again,) as an actor. The 58-year-old singer has been creating iconic summer songs, and love songs, for years now - with most of them topping the charts in the Arab-music industry. From 'Tamally Ma'ak' to 'Nour El Ein,' if you're Middle Eastern, you have to admit that you were raised on Amr's music -whether it was via 'Mazzika' or 'Melody Tunes' (TBT.) 

The celeb has previously won 7 World Music Awards and 6 African Music Awards, not to mention his previous role as "Adham" in the movie "Dehk Wele’b Wegad Wehob" (Laughter, Games, Seriousness and Love.) It's been 27 years since the best-selling artist took to our screens as an actor, so we can't wait to see what he has to offer in this new Netflix deal. 

Although the Arabic Original Netflix Series is untitled ATM, it has been reported that it may be a musical drama, and it's currently being developed. 

“For the past thirty years, Amr Diab has captured people’s hearts all over the world. He is a trendsetting icon who resonates with different generations through his music and talent. We are confident that this new project will excite fans and members for the glorious return of Amr Diab to  screen," said Ahmed Sharkawi, the Director of Arabic Original Series at Netflix

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سعيد جداً بالتعاون مع نتفليكس في هذا العمل الفني الجديد، فأنا من أشد المؤمنين بأن الفن لغة عالمية، وقد استطعنا من خلال الموسيقى أن نبني جسوراً من التواصل والمحبة مع العديد من الثقافات المختلفة والمتنوعة، والآن وبهذا العمل الدرامي أنا متحمس جداً مع نتفليكس أن نصل من خلال هذا العمل الكبير إلى أكثر من ١٩٣ مليون متابع في أكثر من ١٩٠ دولة حول العالم للاستمتاع بمحتوى فني جديد " صنع في مصر " ويستمتع به العالم بأكمله.

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Amr even took to Instagram to announce this big news, saying "I am thrilled to work with Netflix on this new project. I have always believed that art is a global language, and we have been able to build bridges of connections and love with diverse cultures through music. And, now with this new project with Netflix, I am excited that we will be reaching more than 193 million members in more than 190 countries around the world where they will be able to watch new content made in Egypt and enjoyed by the world." 

Recently, Netflix has been tapping into (and highlighting) Egyptian actors such as Hend Sabry. Their upcoming Arabic series 'Paranormal' is also considered Egyptian cinema, starring Ahmed Amin and directed by Amr Salama.