Netflix’s new reality TV series is the mental vacation we all need

Perhaps you see just another reality show, but see a form of blissfully bizarre escapism
Netflix’s new reality TV series is the mental vacation we all need

The worst thing about burning through Love is Blind, Too Hot to Handle and Selling Sunset, is that when they’re done, they’re done. I have unapologetically binged pretty much every single reality TV series during lockdown, and I’ve been looking for my next fix to fill the Real Housewives-shaped void in my heart. Enter Below Deck, my *literal* new obsession - I may or may not have binged three seasons in a week.

The irresistibly entertaining series, which is currently available to stream on Netflix, spans a six week period, where it follows the crew (who are all young, good-looking men and women, I hasten to add) of a super yacht (yachties, as they call themselves). It’s a glimpse into a workplace that is certainly far different from my own (and presumably yours, too); it follows the captain, deckhands and stewards as they serve the rich and wealthy of the world.

It chronicles the fights, relationships and workplace politics that go down between the crew on deck, all whilst they're waiting on guests who request 12-course tasting menus, white parties, and leave $26,000 in tips (Dhs95,500).

So what are you waiting for? Netflix MENA is currently showing season one. S go forth and prospoer, because you really won’t regret it.