Ramadan 2020: 9 totally bingeable series

So many of our favourite leading ladies are returning to the screens this month
Ramadan 2020: 9 totally bingeable series

The holy month is always jam-packed with great TV, and this year’s series are filled with iconic Arab women - aka your post-iftar, and pre-suhoor entertainment, sorted.


لعبة النسيان // The Forgetfulness Game

Dina ElSherbiny has made her way back on screen and into our hearts this Ramadan with the new series, لعبة النسيان. Adapted by an Italian series, and directed Hany Khaliqah, Dina will be playing a woman of middle class who loses her memory and is found struggling between embracing her new life, or remembering her past. We can’t wait to see what’s in store, especially after her acting in ‘Zay El Shams’ from last Ramadan.


فرصة تانية // Second Chance

We’ll be seeing Yasmine Sabri for a second time this Ramadan in her new series, فرصة تانية. ‘Second Chance’ is a romantic drama, all about Yasmine’s character ‘Malek,’ who’s an engineer committed to work (yas queen.) But, also experiences many emotional ups & downs throughout her love life, because of work.


عشرين عشرين// 2020

عشرين عشرين, or ‘2020’ translated, stars the gorgeous Lebanese leading lady, Nadine Nassib Njeim. Last year, we loved her in the tragic romance series ‘Khamsa W Nos’ alongside Qusai Khauli. And the duo are (thankfully) coming back to our screens for Ramadan this year, but as an army captain, and a gangster. Can’t wait to see how this plays out!


نمرة اتنين // Number Two

It’s been four years since Egyptian actress Mona Zaki has graced our screens for Ramadan, but this year, we’re in for a treat. The actress is starring in a new drama series, نمرة اتنين, alongside some other phenomenal women including Saba Mubarak, Nelly Karim and Sherine Reda. All exploring the concept of romance in modern society, and in 6 different Middle Eastern cities. Iconic much?


بـ100 وش //Multifaceted

Another Egyptian queen is taking to the Ramadan series scene this year, in a new show called بـ100 وش. Nelly Karim is playing ‘Sokkar’ in this new light comedy, alongside Asser Yassin, whose character is a professional scammer and disguises as several characters. Bring over the jallab, because this is about to get good.


ونحب تاني ليه // Why Would We Fall in Love Again?

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ونحب تاني لية !! رمضان ٢٠٢٠

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This Egyptian series starring Yasmin Abdul Aziz and Sherif Mounir is a great genre-collab of drama, romance and comedy. Yasmin’s character 'Ghalia' goes through marital and familial problems throughout the series, stuck between her ex-husband and a possible new love. We wonder who she’ll pick in the end …


سلطانة المعز // Sultanet Al-Mo'ez

Set in a local neighbourhood in Cairo, Ghada Abdelrazek’s character plays a woman who runs a small restaurant inherited by her father. Her life takes a turn as she falls in love though (a cliché but with 10x the drama.) Oh, and did we mention that you can easily watch it on Viu?


جمع سالم // Gama’ Salem

This Viu supernatural original is an Egyptian series all about family drama. Specifically, social drama surrounding the topic of child adoption. Directed by Eman El Haddad and celeb Zeina, it’s definitely a must-watch that’ll have you sat on the edge of your seats.


خيانة عهد//The Betrayal of Ahd

Starring the queen of Egyptian cinema, Yousra, خيانة عهد is a drama about a wealthy woman named Ahd (Yousra’s character), who’s the head of the family. She gradually learns that her own family is plotting against her, and that’s where things get heated. As per, Yousra’s acting on-screen never disappoints.