Instagram Is Fully Embracing The Holy Month With A First Of Its Kind Ramadan Face Filter

And a brand-new kindness campaign
Instagram Is Fully Embracing The Holy Month With A First Of Its Kind Ramadan Face Filter

It's no secret social media can be tough on our self-esteem, but Instagram is out here trying its very best to spread positive vibes with a brand-new, super inclusive campaign running throughout the Holy Month of Ramadan. 

Basically, the social media giant is encouraging users to post about their random acts of kindness during May, using the hashtag #MonthOfGood. By doing this, they are promoting the true spirit of Ramadan. And FYI, an act of kindness needn't be a grand gesture, it can be as small as leaving a positive comments on your friends' picture, thanking friends and family for Iftar or Suhoor or volunteering within your community and sharing it. So amazing. 


Adding to this, Insta has launched an exciting new face filter for the Holy Month, called 'Lantern'. It's a subtle Bokeh effect, with crescent moon shapes that are Arabesque-inspired. The effect is multi-layered and you can tap the screen to move to a traditional crescent design and then use the option of an English or an Arabic Ramadan greeting.

Now, back to the campaign. It's up to you the way you choose to be creative and display your act of kindness to the world. Yep, the world, as this campaign is open globally to anyone who wishes to join in and celebrate. Once you've decided what you want to post, simply use the hashtag #MonthOfGood and you're set. Maybe your post will be the one to inspire someone, somewhere across the globe and put a smile on their face.

Now, isn't that a happy thought? 

Here are some people who have already joined the #MonthOfGood bandwagon and it's honestly giving us such feel-good vibes:

Commenting on the launch of the campaign and filter, Samer Jamal, Strategic Partner Manager, MENA at Instagram said,

“Kindness does not have to be a grand gesture. In fact, small and unexpected acts can have a huge impact on someone’s day. That’s why we’re delighted to launch #MonthOfGood and our first ever Ramadan camera effect so that people on Instagram have a fun and creative way to express their good deeds and celebrations this Holy Month.

We can’t wait to be inspired by the acts of kindness – big and small – shared by the Instagram community this Ramadan.”

The 'Gram just got good. 

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