Meet the narrator of Netflix's Too Hot To Handle

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Meet the narrator of Netflix's Too Hot To Handle
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By now, you're probably half way through Netflix's Too Hot To Handle and, frankly, if you're not, what have you been doing?

As the contestants struggle to fight their desires in order to protect that Dhs367,299 prize money, there's a narrator who is guiding us through each episode and providing us with lots of LOLs when the 10 contestants aren't.

So, who is the voice of Netflix's latest reality TV binge-watch? Enter, Desiree Burch.

Whow narrates Too Hot To Handle?

Desiree Burch is an American comedian and writer, who was born in Los Angeles and currently lives in London. She's performed her routines all across the UK and has appeared on the likes of Have I Got News For You, Live at the Apollo, Mock The Week and BBC Two's The Mash Report. In 2015, she won a Funny Women Award.

Before her career in comedy, Desiree used to work as a dominatrix in New York. "That was a way to make money, like many of the amazing women I worked with who were all doing – you know – they were in school, or they were actors, or they were doing other things, they were nurses," she told Jonathan Ross during an appearance on his chat show last year. "And they were also just like, 'Oh yeah, I can also actually make money by doing this thing that a lot of women have to do for no money.'"

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