A Coach Says Mona Kattan's Keto Diet Is Good For Ramadan

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A Coach Says Mona Kattan's Keto Diet Is Good For Ramadan

Huda Beauty's Global President Mona Kattan has been singing the Keto diet's praises for over ten months - and we want to know why. So, we had a chat with  Jessy Selameh, a certified Ketogenic Coach, and she's provided us with the answers we’ve been searching for.

Jessy has been following the Keto diet for four years now and within the last year she turned vegetarian. She has always lived a fit and healthy lifestyle, but when she fell pregnant with her first child she gained 25 kilos. And so she turned to the keto diet, and within 6 months she had shed all her pregnancy weight.

Funnily enough, Jessy found herself in the same situation when she fell pregnant with her second child, and just like before, the keto diet helped her lose the weight. She always had an obsession with nutrition and so she left her career in finance became a certified Ketogenic Coach and focused on bringing her passion (improving life around her) to life. She tells us:

“The Keto diet was the best thing that happened to me”

The coach also tells us the diet can work really well during Ramadan. Here's why: the Ketogenic diet is one that consists of being high in fat and very low in carbs, essentially reducing your carbohydrate intake and replacing it with fat. This puts our bodies in a metabolic state known as ketosis. Contrary to popular belief, the keto diet has several benefits: 

  • Weight loss
  •  Fighting/preventing diseases
  •  Blood glucose control
  •  Energy levels increase
  • Better brain function

Jessy has provided us with a rundown of what the benefits are to following the Keto diet during Ramadan. By following this diet during the Holy Month, you may feel less hungry during the day and have more sustainable energy. She also outlined what eating on the Keto diet looks like during Ramadan.


  • To break your fast have soup (veggie based – pumpkin, celery, mushroom…) and salad ( green leaf based and you can add avocados and cheese)
  • For main, it should be protein based (chicken and beef not fish as it makes you thirsty) and have some greens on the side

*Arab dishes are allowed, just swap the rice and pasta for keto options such as cauliflower rice/mash (basically eliminate starchy options).

  • For dessert, you can have any keto approved dessert - such as cheese or coffee.


You can have eggs (cooked how you like) with keto bagels and bullet proof coffee. Make sure you’re using grass-fed butter and MCT oil in your coffee!

The keto diet is both a long and short term diet, however it should be viewed as a lifestyle change. Look at Mona Kattan for instance, she has been on the keto diet for over 10 months now and she said she “feels amazing” and that once those pesky carbs are out of your system:

“You realise you feel better without them so you end up being more addicted to the feeling of just being healthy versus the feeling you get for eating carbs” - Mona Kattan

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Happy Friday EveryoneA lot of people have asked me to share my “secret” to my recent weight loss. Truthfully there is no secret! I’ve always been a person who gains weight easily and I have to be super careful with how I take care of myself. Previously I had tried almost ever fad, gimmick, diet pill, crash diets, slimming creams, treatments etc and I have to say based on my experience NOTHING works better than the very basics of just simply eating healthy and exercising! I’ve been training almost every single day for the past 6 months and following a keto diet. You’ve got to do both to get the best results. Trust me if I can do it, you can do it!!!! Thank you so much for all of your supportive comments and all your compliments! You guys give me LIFE & inspire me to keep working harder! Love you all! Here’s a video I made with @toby_richa this morning! Swipe right if you want to laugh It’s harder than it looks

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It goes without saying to do your research, but if you do make the swap, tag us on Insta and let us know how you're getting on. 

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