FYI *this* is the influencer-loved brand you’ve seen all over your IG

Their feed is a total vibe
FYI *this* is the influencer-loved brand you’ve seen all over your IG
From left: @gabriellabjersland, @styleisnecessity and nataliesallaum all wearing Nemozena

Every now and then a new fashion brand is born and creates a buzz that extends far beyond a ‘like’ on social media. Nemozena is that.

Founded in the UAE and created in Milan, Nemozena has become the style set of the region’s go-to label for an ultra-chic spring/summer wardrobe.

And not only does their Instagram read like a who’s-who of Dubai’s fashion scene, it is also worth a follow for its medley of artsy posts in painterly pastels and far-flung destinations that reveals a wistful wash of wanderlust.

“Nemozena is a brand that prides itself on bespoke craftsmanship, small quantities and impeccable quality of the pieces in their collections,” says Natalia Shustova, founder and CEO of The Design House and all-around style icon in Dubai. “This combination of efforts from a brand are difficult to find but is everything that The Design House stands for, particularly when it comes to sustainable efforts where production and manufacturing is limited to consider the environmental impact. This is why we connected with Nemozena and why we are excited to bring them to The Design House and to a wider audience.”

And it doesn’t end there. As consumer’s minds and hearts are focused on the same aims - to slow climate change and come up with new ways to buy and wear clothes that cut waste, – Nemozena has launched as a brand that caters to exactly that: sustainability. Their unique reversibility concept allows you to reimagine your entire wardrobe with minimal effort and maximum impact, and they also boast an eco-friendly packaging business model. 

Nemozena is sold exclusively at The Design House.