Why sustainable hand-washing is more important than ever RN

Gone are the unrecyclable plastic pumps full of alcohol-based sanitiser. Say hello to a new organic alternative
Why sustainable hand-washing is more important than ever RN

If you're staying safe and wanna make sure ain't no pandemic coming after you, the two most helpful things you can do are wash and/or sanitise your hands and self-isolate. But that creates some new problems: boredom, dry hands and very, very eco-UNfriendly discards of emptied sani bottles. If you're reading this you're probably thinking "OMG. What am I even supposed to do then?"

Lush has the right answers for you and, in fact, they've been washing they've been all about sustainable hand-washing long before COVID-19 made it a thing. Shops across the region are providing their soaps and water as a free service to make sure your hands are always clean and, well, lush. 

Gone are the unrecyclable plastic pumps full of alcohol-based sanitiser. Say hello to a new organic alternative. Her name's soap.

Bonus: your hands will end up smelling great too.

Pro tip: don't touch your face trying to while trying to check.

Even when it’s been left in a pool of water at the side of your sink, a bar of solid soap makes an alkaline solution, so still incredibly effective as an antibacterial. Studies (cause we want you to get the FACTS right) have shown washing with liquid soap or having a squeeze of hand gel, strips your skin of it's natural protective layer, leaving you more open to infection.

"A self-preserving bar of soap will clean the skin effectively and then allow your healthy personal microflora to grow back in 20 minutes - an excellent reason to stick to good old solid suds," says Miche Whitehouse from Lush, about some of her personal hand-care tips.

Another cool thing about the UK-based ethical cosmetics brand  is that you can request the staff to pick and create samples that you can try (wait for it) AT HOME. Not to mention, any soaps you purchase from the website reaches your door within two days.

The iconic black pots have quite the story behind them and if you collect five, you get a free face mask! But when possible, they don't use packaging at all! Makes sense considering they call themselves the world's first naked shop!

We asked for some personal fave recommendations, so make sure you check these out:

Sleepy: contains oat milk, lavender and tonka. It's soothing, calming and will support in mending dry cracked skin - which we all need after this much sanitiser.

Sultana of Soap: contains bergmont, cranberries and olibanum. Feel like the queen you are with this rich mix!

Honey I Washed the Kids: contains English honey, bergamot oil and sweet wild orange oil. It's a great antiseptic, anti-bacterial and hydrator for the skin - with a sweet and uplifting scent that will resonate with the mums, just like the name.

But what you won't find in their ingredients is palm oil! Turns out it's much more dangerous than you think (if you ever even thought about it - cause if not, now's the time to start).

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