How 11 celebs and influencers are staying fit during quarantine

Does learning a new TikTok dance count as cardio?
How 11 celebs and influencers are staying fit during quarantine

Now that we've all (sort of) gotten into the social distancing swing of things, there are countless daily activities that we can take on. Whether we're learning how to make our own iced lattes or taking that online yoga class on IG Live, there's plenty of ways to stay busy. And just because gyms are closed, it doesn't mean that we'll stop working out - after all, daily exercise is just as important as masking for your mental health

All kinds of celebs and influencers are trying to stay fit during this time as well,  especially during this time where it's super easy to get lazy. And no, they aren't just learning TikTok dances as a form of cardio (lol). 

Gyms, fitspo pages and so many healthy-living influencers have taken to their social media outlets to post at-home workouts that are easy to follow. A-listers from all around the globe are showing us how it's done.

Scroll down to get motivated.


Mona Kattan

Mona and her trainer decided to break a sweat outdoors with Dubai's beautiful spring weather atm. Staying active AND getting some fresh air within the comforts of your own home? Exercise goals. 


Karen Wazen

Karen Wazen stays fit with her little ones by doing the plank challenge. What better way to spend time with your fam than getting a little workout in first thing in the morning?


Rhea Harmoush

Dancer and choreographer Rhea shows us how to really dance on her IG page. After all, dance *is* a very fun way to burn some calories. And if you dance like Rhea...then you should definitely be recording it becuase those moves deserve to be seen!


Yara Shahidi

Grab your nearest family member and make your daily workout an afternoon activity! (Side note: Yara and her mum are the ultimate mother-daughter duo.) 


Shaikha Al Qassemi

Instagram Stories/@kikiforcrossfit

You could also test out your flexibility in quarantine like fitspo influencer, Shaikha. But don't forget to stretch before & afterwards!


Amal Murad

Emirati coach and personal trainer Amal is staying fit AND safe by taking part in these exercise Instagram challenges, give it a go and don't forget to tag your friends!


Lilly Sabri

Get creative like Lilly and use your regular home supplies as dumbbells?


Amy Fox

Whether you're going for a run around your house or compound, Amy's proving that you don't need that much space to do an ab & core workout. 


Ashley Graham

Lockdown isn't stopping Ashley Graham from staying in shape. The new mum got onto IG Live with her yoga instructor to perfect those warrior poses.


Sofia Richie

Sofia shows her dance moves off with this aerobic dance cardio workout. We love to see it. 


Manal Rostom

This Egytian athlete has already perfected her cardio (she's a marathon runner fyi,) and now Manal is even using this time at home to strengthen her legs and core muscles. Have you watched her on Cosmo ME's latest IGTV series 'Cosmo vs COVID'? You'll want to click here to see what she has to say on staying mentally & physically healthy during this time.