Mona Kattan finally addresses her split with ex-fiancé, Dominic Nowell Barnes

And in other news, she's officially made a Youtube channel!
Mona Kattan finally addresses her split with ex-fiancé, Dominic Nowell Barnes

Happy Sunday everyone. One of our favourite make-up and fragrance gurus has just launched her own Youtube channel, at last! 

As the co-founder of Huda Beauty and Kayali, Mona Kattan is a very busy woman indeed. But that hasn't stopped her from continously growing and branching out to the Youtube community (thankfully). Although her sister, Huda Kattan, has already established her platform on Youtube with more than two million subscribers as of 2018, Mona herself has never made her own Youtube video before.

So, you can imagine our excitement when this came up on our timeline: 

Mona announced: "Welcome to my first video! I'm so excited to finally start my YouTube channel and build a community with all of you! Please comment below with anything you’d like to hear more about! I can't wait to see all of your feedback!"

In her video, she discusses what she aspires her channel to revolve around, and surprisingly enough, it won't just be about make-up or fragrance. Our previous cover star talks all things self-development, psychology and personal advice. We love to see it. 

She also revealed that in every video she posts, she'll include a fragrance that inspires her. For her first upload she settled with 'Magnetism' by Escada (and the story behind why she chose that one is the cutest).

Oh, and it gets better.

In her four-minute video she also mentions that she is definitely not with Dom anymore, also known as her ex-boyfriend. Rumours were circling around that their engagement was broken off last October, but her fans never got confirmation. It's official now though - boy, bye! Watch Mona's full video here:


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