These YouTubers Will Change Your Life For The Better

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These YouTubers Will Change Your Life For The Better

As the months get colder, your bed gets cosier. So why not binge watch a few YouTube videos while you're at it? These YouTubers are inspiring and give you insights on lifestyle, beauty and fashion that cna make your life so. Much. Better. 

1. Arshia Moorjani

Arshia is an entrepreneur and influencer who lives in New York. She helps her followers with all things beauty, lifestyle and fashion. (She also has a really cute dog named Kobe!) Arshia helps girls around the world find the right shades in make-up and fashion that suit their skin tone as well as the right skincare and the cutest outfits for nights out. So, if you’re looking for a chic, fun YouTuber to watch, Arshia is the person to go to.

2. Jackie Aina

Ms. Jackie Aina is an inspiring, hilarious and EXTRA beauty YouTuber. The start of her vids are my fave (if you know, you know.) She obviously does a lot of make-up tutorials and skin care reviews but what’s great about them is that she’s honest about how she feels about a product and her tutorials are so entertaining. If I’m ever in a bad mood, I put on one of her makeup tutorials and not only do I learn how to look SNATCHED, but, I also feel better. FYI, she recently launched her eyeshadow palette with Anastasia Beverly Hills and it’s BEAUTIFUL.

3. Mimi Ikonn

If you’ve heard of the 5 Minute Journal or the brand Love Hair, then you already know The Ikonn family. Mimi Ikonn shares her life and business adventures on her YouTube channel. She leads a wholesome and mindful life that we could all learn from. Her channel features lifestyle topics like food, books, vlogs and experiences that she loves and trust me, they’re helpful. She’s also someone who is very conscious of the environment and shares what she is passionate about on her Podcast with her husband Alex Ikonn. If you need to de-stress after a hard day, Mimi’s channel is the answer you’ve been looking for.

4. Rachel Talbott

Rachel Talbott is all things skincare, music, DIYs and lifestyle. She is a mom of two and has the most aesthetically pleasing videos. She posts videos that are candid and she does really fun and cool DIYs that you can do at home without spending a ton of money (Yasssss.) I love watching her pamper session videos because it gives me inspo and teaches me more about cosmetology because she tries out some really cool tools and ingredients in the market. It’s a super cute channel that I highly recommend. 

5. Pick Up Limes

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This video is finally live!! It’s Robin and I exploring a beloved city in the Netherlands, with all the goodies we ate the whole day through (aka a “what we ate in a day” video).Getting it live was quite a struggle this time To start, the video was a beast to edit, then the hard disk drive corrupted and some data was lost, and if that wasn’t enough: I was hoping to post the video at the airport when waiting to board my flight from the Netherlands to Canada, but then learned that I forgot my passport at home (who does that!?). So I missed my flight. With having to buy new tickets and spending nearly two days in transport, I’ve finally arrived to Canada. But will all that was hectic behind me now, the video is live! And so excited for this one too! Hope you guys enjoy it, it was super fun for us to film and make Video link in profile

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Pick Up Limes is a wellness YouTube channel that covers food, mindfulness and a little bit of travel. Sadia is a certified nutritionist before she started PUL and when the channel took off, she started to work on it full time. She makes some A-M-A-Z-I-N-G recipes that are easy to make but nutritious and healthy at the same time. Her vlogs are fun to watch when she travels with her partner. I also love her mindfulness tips and tricks because it helps me feel better and more productive on a slow day.  BTW, she put me onto almond butter, I know I’m late to the party but it’s actually really yummy.

All of these women are strong and use their platforms for things they are passionate about. I hope you enjoy watching their channels as much as I do. Happy binge-watching!