Huda Kattan has just debuted the first product from her skincare range: Wishful

And apparently, it's about to make all our wishes come true (fingers crossed!)
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Introducing Wishful - "real products on real skin."

As if Huda Kattan couldn't do more, she's just gone and announced the third brand in her global beauty empire, and it's all about skincare. Last month, the beauty mogul announced that she was working on something for skin, and now her new addition to the Huda Beauty family has officially been launched. 'Wishful' skin is all about a 'no- nonsense and honest approach' to beauty - music to our ears. 

This new range will include an assortment of gentle, simple and effective products that will be staple products for your everyday skincare routine. We can't wait to test, try and see how these beauty products will change our lives. 

The beauty queen herself previously spoke about her struggle with acne, texture and breakouts, and how during her hunt for the perfect skincare essentials she decided to experiment herself. This makes perfect sense, especially since she's already mastered make up

"Of the 45 million views that we have on the Huda Beauty Blog every year, more than 20% of the views and comments that we receive are for our skincare content. I know from all the feedback I get from my followers that they are looking for solutions to the same skincare concerns as me, so with Wishful I wanted to create simple but powerful skincare products that visibly work for instant and long-lasting results," Huda explains.

Wishful's first product is the 'Yo Glow Enzyme Scrub,' a gentle yet effective exfoliating scrub (for ALL skin types) that buffs away dead cells. Also, no biggie but, this release is cruelty-free, vegan AND made in Korea. Just go ahead and take my money. 


It's safe to say that we can't wait to see what other products Wishful will be releasing (please let it be a water-based moisturiser.)