Just the Zoom of Us: Mona Kattan

The Kayali founder talks quarantine beauty routines, staying fit during lockdown, and future plans for Huda Beauty
Just the Zoom of Us: Mona Kattan

Welcome to our brand-new YouTube series, Just the Zoom of Us (S/O, Bill Withers!), where we catch up with your favourite celebs and influencers in isolation. Each week, Cosmo ME’s editor in chief will hop on a call with famous faces from around the world to talk about everything from quarantine beauty routines to life in lockdown.

This week, we speak to the amazing Mona Kattan, co-founder of global beauty brands Huda Beauty and Kayali, about her obsession with scents, how she’s staying fit and healthy in a time where we’re basically living in PJs, and her company’s decision to support freelance MUAs during these unprecedented days.

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