This fashion brand is creating face masks to match your dress

And they ship to the GCC!
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Whilst brands including Louis Vuttion, Off-White and Supreme have been putting their designer touch on protective face masks, our COVID-19 outfits have taken a different turn. We’ve mostly been sporting comfy loungewear and other such WFH pieces, but Bali-based fashion brand, The Story Of, is making us rethink all of our sartorial choices.

Dubai-based English teacher, Louisa Larsen, shared her purchase on social media writing, “This has utterly made my day... Fedex arrived with a dress delivered from Bali, from a boutique I love and had hoped to have shopped in person on our trip there this week. As this was canceled I had to have it shipped. Open the parcel, see dress, small package falls out, I think "didn't realize it had a belt.." but no... It's a coordinating FACE MASK. Well... I'm delighted, Covid 19 never looked more stylish.

The brand are based in Indonesia, and boast the most stunning line-up of summer frocks.

But the best news? They ship worldwide – including, the UAE, Saudi Arabia, Kuwait and Bahrain.

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