Everything you need to know about Abu Dhabi's lockdown

Swimming pools may begin to reopen in the capital!
Everything you need to know about Abu Dhabi's lockdown

The city of Abu Dhabi is still making the necessary measures to reduce and stop the spread of coronavirus. Summer has officially started in the UAE and so it's easy to forget that a pandemic is still going on, however it's important for us to continue staying safe, staying home, and staying sanitised. Flattening the curve is *still* a priority, people!

We've gathered all the relevant rules for you to follow and remember incase you ever get confused...

What activities are allowed in Abu Dhabi? 

In line with the National Screening Programme, Abu Dhabi Emergency and Crisis Committee for the Covid-19 Pandemic has eased some of the restrictions that were placed earlier on this year. The capacity in malls and restaurants in malls has been raised to 40%. Hotel beaches, restaurants outside malls and museums are also allowed to re-open with a capacity of 40%. 

It's also important to note that most restaurants, whether they are outside malls/hotels or not, are strictly seating two-four customers each table. And the tables are following guidelines, being seperated 2m apart. So we advise you to call and book in advance for wherever you may be going! 

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⁣⁣ ‎فندق فورسيزونز أبوظبي في جزيرة المارية وفندق روزوود أبوظبي يعيدان افتتاح مطاعمهما اعتباراً من 1 يونيو 2020، تماشياً مع جهود دائرة الثقافة والسياحة في أبوظبي لدعم إعادة افتتاح المطاعم مع ضمان صحة وسلامة الموظفين والعملاء.⁣⁣ ⁣⁣ ‪Al Maryah Island’s Four Seasons Hotel Abu Dhabi and Rosewood Abu Dhabi will be re-opening their dining outlets from 1 June 2020. This comes in line with @dctabudhabi’s efforts to support the re-opening of restaurants while ensuring the health and safety of patrons and employees. ‬

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As for exercise, individual outdoor sports practiced in open spaces, such as horse riding, cricket, cycling, golf, sailing and racquet sports, are also now allowed for people aged 12-60, starting from Monday 1 June. Also, anyone may exercise outside their homes for maximum two hours a day, as long as they are seperating themselves by 2m and wearing masks. 

Groups of more than 5 people, or gatherings in general, in either private or public places, are not allowed.

As of 16 July, more beaches and public parks will be opening. Many beaches in hotels have already begun to open up and are accessible to the hotel's guests.

It's even possible that certain locations will be opening up swimming pools (considering these hot temperatures,) as long as they abide by the rules placed. 

Swimming pools must not exceed a maximum capacity of 50% and the same social distancing rules will be applied (this also means that PPE must be kept on.)

What time is the curfew? 

The city's curfew has now been changed after the completion of the National Sterilisation Programme. Although the 10pm - 6am curfew has been lifted, Abu Dhabi is still advised to remain safe, and continue abiding by the rules including gatherings and wearing PPE. 

What are the PPE-rules? 

Face masks and gloves should still be apart of everyday life if you are leaving the house during this time. Only three people are permitted in one car, and they must all be wearing facemasks. As for malls or hotels, you are required to wear a face mask and gloves, there are also temperature screenings at each mall's entrance to further ensure safety. We suggest always keeping an extra mask and bottle of santiser in your bag (especially for those of us who wear makeup and face masks in this heat). 

Is it possible to move between Emirates?

As of 23 June, all residents of the Abu Dhabi emirate may now move between Abu Dhabi’s regions (Abu Dhabi, Al Ain & Al Dhafra), but the border to Dubai will remain closed. It was decided that exiting the Emirate may continue without a permit, however the entry of workers to Abu Dhabi is still prohibited. This news came after promising indicators in the number of cases found in Covid-19 tests. 


Exemptions are available by special permit under certain circumstances, you may apply for a permit visit here

Also, the Abu Dhabi Emergency and Crisis Committee for the Covid-19 Pandemic has announced that entering the Abu Dhabi emirate is permitted for those who have received negative test results in the last 48 hours. This also applies to return residents who are flying back into the country. They will be unable to board a flight without a Covid-19 negative result. 

As of 14 July, residents of the Abu Dhabi emirate may move between the regions, however COVID 19 test results must be presented at the border. Travellers to the Emirate of Abu Dhabi can be screened for COVID-19 upon entry by a laser-based DPI technique. A negative result will allow entry to AbuDhabi, while a positive result will lead to further testing through a PCR test.

Pre-bookings will be available as well.