Abu Dhabi government lifts 10pm ban

Some good news to start the weekend!
Abu Dhabi government lifts 10pm ban

As of today, it has been announced that the National Sterilisation Programme in Abu Dhabi has been completed, and so the curfew restriction from 10pm-6am has been lifted. This was also announced for the rest of the UAE, including Dubai

Abu Dhabi Emergency and Crisis Committee for the Covid-19 Pandemic, in collaboration with Abu Dhabi Police and DOH released a statement saying that "following the completion of the National Sterilisation Programme in #AbuDhabi, residents may now move freely within Abu Dhabi emirate. Exiting Abu Dhabi does not require a permit. The entry ban to Abu Dhabi remains in place, except for pre-exempted categories."

Although restrictions in Abu Dhabi have been eased it's important to note that we should still remain cautious by staying sanitised and wearing PPE at all times. 

The news of the curfew came after officials recorded 450 cases new cases of coronavirus in the previous 24 hours. 

As well as this, children under the age of 12 may now enter malls and restaurants once again.