Meet the Emirati woman who has collected over 70 vintage gaming consoles

"I love being on the hunt for rare and old items"
Meet the Emirati woman who has collected over 70 vintage gaming consoles
C atherine Galustian

“It initially started off with me keeping some old school handhelds that held sentimental value,” says Emirati Meera Sultan, collector of vintage gaming consoles. “I have a habit of replaying old games. In retrospect, it also reminds me of the simpler days and all the good memories I had when playing them.”

Meera has been a keen gamer since childhood. It started as a mere interest in what her older brothers and sisters were playing, and soon developed into a deeper curiosity when she began asking herself who, exactly, was creating these games - and why? “I always ended up researching the inspiration behind the games,” she tells Cosmo. “It really made me really enjoy playing them even more! Eventually, I found myself buying magazines and checking out which new games were coming out, and I would get really excited for the new challenges that lay ahead.”

“As a result, I started looking into older games, handhelds, and consoles that I’ve always wanted to try out and keep. I’m a sucker for history, and trying out new things, so, for me, I loved having the chance to explain the history behind an idea and a creation. I now have 70 vintage consoles.”

Meera has now collection 70 vintage consoles

“I also personally enjoy being on the hunt for rare items - even if they’re not actual consoles or games, but something related to them,” Meera adds. “I recently got my hands on a rare Pokemon card in mint condition. A personal favourite memory of the 90’s growing up!”

Whilst Meera remains relentless in her pursuit of the past, her collectables, however rooted in history they may be, actually serve a perfect purpose for the present and future.

“The plus side of holding onto so many consoles that if I’m ever in the mood to replay something, they are right there! I set them up and enjoying them all over again. It’s a great way to release some stress – if I’m not stressing over to complete a tough level, of course.”