5 girl gamers that will convince you to start a Twitch account

The only games we want to be playin' are the ones online
5 girl gamers that will convince you to start a Twitch account

It's no surprise that quarantine can get repetitive, from basically finishing Netflix to baking our 50th loaf of banana bread, so we've had to find different outlets of entertainment (other than TikTok ofc).  And that's where gaming has come into play - pun always intended. Whether you used to play Crash Bandicoot on your PSP, or even Cooking Mama on your phone,y ou can't take the gamer out of the girl.

The gaming industry might seem overpowered by male audiences, but it's not. There are a whole host of trail-blazing women in the field who are killing it (both virtually and in reality). 

Scroll down to check out these must-follow girl gamers who will deffo inspire you to create a Twitch account...



This Saudi Arabian beauty, Meshael has 60.6k followers on Twitch, and 223k subscribers on Youtube. It's safe to say that a killer winged-liner isn't the only thing she can do well. Her choice of games include Fortnite, Overwatch, Call Of Duty, Story games, and sometimes Animal Crossing for fun!


Dania Alsaleh

As a Saudi Youtuber living in the US, Dania's vids cover just about every subject you can think of. From pranks, to Q&A's and all-around lifestyle, there's definitely never a dull moment with her. She's even uploaded gaming videos (with hilarious reactions), specifically playing Call of Duty on her phone. 



Azra, AKA Azzyland is no ordinary gamer girl. With 2.1 million followers on Instagram, and 12 million subscribers on Youtube, she's been at the forefront of creating gaming content as a female from the getgo. The Canadian star has enjoyed playing games like The Legend of Zelda ever since she was young, and Cosplaying her own character now is no different. 



Kuwaiti national Hesa AlKhataf's Youtube channel is filled with gaming content, from Fortnite and Pubg Mobile, to Sims or Super Mario Kart - Hesa can do it all. Her Youtube channel has over 1 million subscribers, and her Instagram has 844k followers. Other than her insane gaming skills, she also knows how to rock any outfit or makeup look. Yaas Queen! 


Hala Sherif

Egyptian girl gamer Hala has been gaming and streaming for 3 years through her growing Youtube channel. Whether she's singing her heart out or playing Overwatch, she's deffo one to watch.