Saudi Arabia lifts lockdown restrictions - starting today, June 21

The country will resume all commercial activities and lift restrictions on movement
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Two weeks ago, Saudi Arabia reimposed a strict 3pm curfew the Red Sea city of Jeddah as Coronavirus caases to rise across the kingdom, however, starting today, authorities announce that the nationwide curfew has been lifted.

The decision comes even though confirmed cases of coronavirus show no signs of easing. According to a tally by Johns Hopkins University, Saudi now has over 155,000 infections and 1,230 deaths, which is the highest across the region.

Where does the new lockdown restrictions apply in Saudi Arabia?
The curfew will be lifted nation-wide.

Have businesses fully resumed in Saudi Arabia?
While economic and commercial activities will resume in Saudi Arabia, other restrictions like bans on international travel and the annual Hajj will remain banned. 

Can I go outside during lockdown?
Freedom of movement is now permitted, but social distancing remains in place - and wearing of masks is mandatory.

How long is the 24-hour lockdown running for?

Lockdown will place take during the Eid holidays, from May 23 to May 27. Until then, activities such as malls and cafes, will stay open and people can move freely between 9am and 5pm, excluding Makkah, which is under full lockdown.

Can I still order food?
Food delivery services and restaurants can still do home deliveries in all the regions of the Kingdom.