You won't believe how many wigs Sumi Cosplay has

Our (hypothetical) wigs were definitely SNATCHED
You won't believe how many wigs Sumi Cosplay has

Cosplay is a significant part of the gaming community and is considered a performance art where individuals are able to bring their favourite characters from cartoons or Japanese anime to life.

The effort, time and costs that go into cosplay is much more expensive than you'd imagine, and the outcomes are ofc, other-worldly. As we delved into the gaming world at Cosmo ME, we just *had* to speak to pro cosplayer, Soumaya Awadh (also known as Sumi Cosplay.) 

Her love story with cosplay began in 2013, and she was even the representative of the UAE team in the World Cosplay Summit Japan 2017 and 2020. Her wonderful looks vary from princess costumes to well-known anime characters. And she has even been a Cosplay judge

Here, we asked Sumi to break down her cosplay by numbers... 

Cosmo ME: How did you get into cosplay?
Sumi: I'm into anime and I've been playing games since I was a kid, that's how I first found out about cosplay and got hooked on it. 

Cosmo ME: What's your favourite character to cosplay?
S: Oh God, definitely Elsa from Frozen

Cosmo ME: How many wigs do you have?
S: Hmm... it depends on how many costumes I've got, so far i'd say 27 to 30 wigs. 

Cosmo ME: Most expensive wig? 
S: It depends on each character but so far I'd say my Princess Peach wig, that was around Dhs1,000!

Cosmo ME: What was your most expensive cosplay outfit?
S: I make my own cosplay costumes and I style my own wigs, so the most expensive cost so far would be my Maleficent 2 costume. Usually the materials to make it would cost Dhs3,000

Cosmo ME: Favourite cosplay make-up look?
S: Definitely Nana from Nana Mobile Legends

Cosmo ME: What's the most expensive make-up product you've used for Cosplay?
S: All of my make-up products are from Kryolan and each character has its own make-up set. I would say each set costs around Dhs750!

Cosmo ME: How many hours does it take you to get ready?
S: Three to four hours. 

Cosmo ME: Favourite Cosplayers/gamers to follow?
S: @Lighnting_cosplay, @Vegacosplay and @Yayahan

Cosmo ME: If you could be one character IRL for the rest of your life, which would it be?
S: Yuna from the role-playing video game Final Fantasy