The best celeb Eid el Fitr IG posts

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The best celeb Eid el Fitr IG posts
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Well this was certainly a different Eid than usual! With everything that has happened as a result of COVID-19, no one's Eid celebrations panned out as planned. BUT, hey, nothing stopped all our favourite celebs and influencers from celebrating and making the most of the long weekend. From eating كحك العيد a.k.a homemade cookies to posting their cutest posts ever, here is what your fave IG folk got up to this week... 

1. Model Roz

2. Amar Sibai

3. Laila Ezzat

4. Haifa Beseisso

5. Sara Sabry

6. Saufeeya

7. Ikram Abdi

8. Rania Fawaz

9. Azza Zarour