Yes, you still have to post a graduation Instagram this year—and we’ve got 51 captions

Welcome to adulting. It sucks. You’re gonna love it!
Yes, you still have to post a graduation Instagram this year—and we’ve got 51 captions
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First things first: Many condolences to the class of 2020, whose final semester of class and commencement ceremonies were canceled because of, well, you know. The situation is obviously less than ideal, but let’s still take a moment to celebrate: Oh! Yes! Cue the Elle Woods montage of your life because you did it!! All those years of hard work finally paid off so you can get a piece of paper (hey, diploma, what’s good?) that cost you 17 all-nighters and 72,807,102,340,017,214 ounces of coffee. Give or take.

And just because you can’t physically wear your cap and gown and party with your BFFs on the lawn doesn’t mean you get to skip out on the obligatory grad Instagram. Because *you* did that, so please post some latergrams or recreate the graduation stage in your parents’ kitchen and show off the lewk you def had planned. Luckily, we’ve already got the captions you need. Please peruse, use, and celebrate as you post and scroll.

When you’re just oozing with pride…

  • I’d like to thank coffee for allowing me to get to this point.
  • I personally would like to thank *me* for getting to this point.
  • Wow, this was so unexpected. I didn’t expect to get this degree. So I’d like to thank the Academy….
  • Last but not least, I express my gratitude to Ctrl+C and Ctrl+V.
  • The two most important mothers in my life: my real ma and my (diplo)ma.

When you realize you’re, um, an actual adult now…

  • I can nap now, yes?
  • Ughhhhh, do I have to?
  • This is the beginning of the rest of my life. So that’s fun!
  • Woof, welcome to the real world.
  • Raise your hands if you’re graduating and you still don’t know what to do!!
  • Where’s my party?
  • Graduated and still clueless.
  • Graduated! Now what…?

When there’s really only one thing on your mind…

  • TBH, today is the one day I’m not thinking about student loans.
  • Leave me a-loan, thanks.
  • Graduation, aka the day your parents start collecting interest.
  • I’m so glad I could spend all those years and money for THIS piece of paper.
  • Hello! What is a job? Can I has one?
  • So, like, anyone hiring…?
  • Excuse me while I grab my “hire me” sign.
  • Accepting job offers starting today. Inquire within my DMs.

When you’re feeling nothing but earnest gratitude…

  • Bye forever!!!
  • All this hassle for a tassel, amirite????
  • I’m so happy, I’ll be calling it a “glad-uation” (sorry not sorry).
  • It’s about time!
  • Huh, might be too late to drop out.
  • I’m still waiting for everyone to start singing like in High School Musical.
  • Class is dismissed…forever!
  • Wait, I passed?
  • It’s official: I’m now too cool for school.

When you’re experiencing “Graduation: The 2020 Edition”…

  • Cap and gown, but make it a robe and sweats.
  • We love a ~socially distanced~ commencement.
  • Looking at my final grades, I don’t need a ceremony outside to get some vitamin Cs.
  • The best thing about virtual graduation: BYOB.
  • Started from the bottom, now we here.
  • Doing the graduation walk: from the bedroom to the kitchen.
  • Passion (and Purell) are the key ingredients to the study and practice of law and of life.
  • I see you, 2020.

When you’ve got to make the “fiercest graduate” list…

  • The adult world is about to get a whole lot spicier!
  • Get ready, world, you just got one degree hotter. ;)
  • You’ve seen me in a cap, now you should see me in a crown.
  • Robe up!!!
  • Is this what being an adult looks like?
  • Gotta add “college graduate” to my dating profile.

When you’re honestly just glad to be done…

  • What is studying anymore?
  • Mischief managed.
  • I hope you caught that because I won’t be doing it again anytime soon.
  • “Well, that was easy!” —no one ever
  • I did that! Me! Hi! Hello!
  • You can graduate with honours. I’m just honoured to graduate.
  • Don’t cry for me, campus quad.

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