Here's why my first year in the working world, post-graduation, was...well...tough a roller coaster
Here's why my first year in the working world, post-graduation, was...well...tough

It all started when I was walking down that stage to claim my diploma and BOOM my life did a 180. Little did I know what lay ahead for me this year. Let's just say, things got a little bit serious (lol).


Everyone around me got so busy with their lives, and here I am watching Netflix 24/7.

I felt awful! I had nothing to do, and I wasn’t even emotionally prepared to go through masters degree or maybe another major, which I did think of a million times, but I had just finished my bachelor and I didn’t feel like going through studying all over again.

So, I had to do something... Something to stop this insanity of feeling bored, worthless, and useless.

I love reading, so, I’ve given myself a target for to finish a book every week - and it has been ah-mazing!! I felt like I was finally achieving something, which I really was, BTW. There was nothing wrong with reading books…

BUT, to be honest, it got a little boring. I had to do something in order to put myself into a job, to REALLY follow my dreams. I searched and wrote numerous emails to send my CV out, which was. a. whole. different. story. 

I got interviews, and well, I got rejected from most of them...ok fine...actually all of them.

Surely, there was something wrong with my CV? So I started researching how to fix my CV and tried making it more appealing. I did get more interviews but, unfortunately, in fields that were never my point of interest. It looked like I had no choice but to accept a job in PR, which literally took two weeks to prove that it was is not my place, and I had to leave. 

Guess what, I was back to watching Netflix 24/7! I guess Ronan Keating was IS literally like a roller coaster.

Another six months passed, and still had nothing to do. So, AGAIN, I started sending out my CV - but this time in Egypt, my home country. But nope, nothing, no one took me into consideration. *Ugh*

Back in Dubai, I started sending CVs once more here too. Until, ta-da found an email from Cosmopolitan, which wasn’t expected, at all, but I have to say it really did change my life. (Huge thanks to Milli Midwood, Cosmo's Editor in Chief!)

I must admit, as tough as this year was, I appreciate the lessons, and I’m really excited to what this life is holding for me.

I came to the conclusion that feeling lost is totally okay, and nothing is worth the stress. Believe me!

So, life. Hit me with anything I’m ready!