Wow, Talabat now delivers by jet ski in Kuwait

Talabat just changed the food delivery game forever
Wow, Talabat now delivers by jet ski in Kuwait

Somewhere between a pandemic and customer satisfaction, Talabat has shown that there is one priority and one alone, and it is putting hungry customers first. It looks like Talabat is using their speedy, on-demand powers for (extra good), as they've launched a delivery service that works on water. Yep, you read right. Water, people!

This basically means that if you're in Kuwait and you just happen to be hungry on your luxury yacht, Talabat has now created a way that allows you to have your food delivered to your (boat) doorstep without having to leave the shore.

The above video captured by some other seafarers shows a Talabat delivery man on a jet ski taking food to people on a yacht.

They've also added the places that exclusively offer jet ski delivery; White Bottle, Caesars, Marble Slab Creamy, The Ice Cream Bar, amongst others.

This is not yet available across the GCC - it only applies to Kuwait for now, but Talabt, we just have only one question; can you please channel the same energy and bring this service to the UAE?