Guys, This Food Delivery App Will Be Giving Out FREE Healthy Juices To Beat The Heat This Summer

Ugh, we love freebies.
Guys, This Food Delivery App Will Be Giving Out FREE Healthy Juices To Beat The Heat This Summer

It's summertime, one of the most pleasant seasons ever... umm NOT.

Well, at least not in the UAE, where the 40 degree weather and 80 per cent humidity equals pit stains, melting make-up, and constantly searching for ice cold water. 

It's the hottest time of the year, and we're more than ready for it to end! But luckily there are some perks to the blistering sun. Online food delivery company, Deliveroo just announced something that will help us beat the heat for a little while longer. 

Hydration is key during summer, and Deliveroo wants to put out a reminder to drink fluids by giving out free pressed juices with every order placed from through them.

The free, fresh juices will be sponsored by Essentially, a company which specialises in making holistic, plant-based, and organic snacks and juices. 

All free drinks will be distributed only on the August 8, when the weather is expected to be in mid 40s, expected to feel like it's 50 degrees celsius! We're literally sweating just by reading the temperature.

Some of the juices distributed include the Essentially Green, Black Lemonade, Beat Aid and Sunny Dayz, and you'll also receive a small note that lists down the benefits and importance of staying hydrated during this season. Isn't that supa cute?

So how do I get these free juices, you ask?

Simple, just order food from any of the three restaurants at Deliveroo's Edition's sites (JLT, Business Bay and Hessa), and enjoy your guilt-free drink! But be sure to do it early in the day, because the juices will only be included in the first 300 orders. 

Don't forget the stay hydrated, guys!


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