What to expect in Selling Sunset season 3

Season 3 premieres on Netflix on August 7
What to expect in Selling Sunset season 3
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Countdown officially starts as we look forward to the third instalment of one of our fave reality shows on Netflix. While the last episode of the last season showed up a glimpse of what to expect in the upcoming season, we didn't fully get the picture of how epic season 3 is going to be.

*spoiler ahead*

So what's actually going down in season 3 amongst the members of the Oppoheiner Group? "Season three is my wedding, Chrishell finds out about her divorce, and lot's of other fun stuff happens," Christine says in an exclusive interview with Cosmopolitan ME.

Well, here are some of our expectations and predictions based on the information we've gathered.

Christine and Christian's wedding is going to a huge part of the season

Even though we got to see the trailer of their wedding in the last season, the actual video of the ceremony is unparallelled. That wedding - it was one of the most insane experiences of my life, that woman knows how to throw an event. Forget that engagement party, I'm telling you that wedding, I've never seen anything like it nor will I ever. It was indescribable," Jason told The Express earlier this year.

Who finally bought $44 million dollar house?

We'll get a chance to find out who bought that gorgeous 20,000 square foot mansion has five bedrooms, nine bathrooms, and a garage that can fit up to 15 cars. Speaking to Metro about the buyer, Jason Oppenheim did mention that "it was not someone who I would class as a celebrity. It was a very wealthy young couple and quite an impressive young couple." So I guess we'll find out in a few days. 

Chrishell's divorce to now ex-husband Justin Hartley will also be featured in season 3

"It’s an embarrassing, humiliating type of thing to go through without cameras and without people judging you, so I just hope people are gentle when they watch," Chrishell said on the RealiTea with Derek Z podcast. Unfortunately, the real estate agent's divorce will take centre stage in the upcoming season.  

Did Davina sell that $80 million (Dhs293,840,000) house?

So, will she find someone to make the purchase? Remember how she kept on going back and forth with the owner and Jason because of the mansion. Jason even went on to say, "I’m just telling you, we are never going to sell that listing, and we are walking away from that house."