Costa Has Just Delivered Coffee To Beachgoers With A Drone

How's that for a cool refreshment?
Costa Has Just Delivered Coffee To Beachgoers With A Drone

While you were sweating it out with a bottle of lukewarm water on the beach, Costa just pioneered (what they claim is) the first successful drone delivery to Dubai's Kite Beach. You read that correctly, people have been ordering refreshing iced coffees and coolers straight to their towels on beach, without moving a muscle. 


And just in case you didn't believe them, the kind people at Costa have provided video footage of the monumental delivery for you to check out here... 

According to Costa, "After 82% of its UAE customers said they would use a drone to deliver food and beverages directly to them, [so] Costa undertook a unique trial in Dubai with its ‘Drone Drop’ service."

They have dubbed the drone a Coffee-Copter, and it was trialled for just one day from Costa's Jumeirah Beach Road drive thru store, delivering beach-goers cold drinks from the Frostino and Cold Brew range.

The coffee shop "worked their magic to create these delicious beverages and, within 15 minutes of receiving the order, sent them straight to the beach by a specially engineered drone." 

"Dubai is known for leading the way with innovative technology and drones are the next frontier for instant delivery," Costa UAE's Head of Marketing, Shemaine Jones, said of the new delivery system. "Our customers told us they’d love to have their favourite drinks dropped off by drones, so we’re super excited to have successfully tested this service, enabling beach-goers to enjoy ice cold beverages without leaving the comfort of their sun-loungers".

That's great, but what we want to know is when on earth is Kite Beach ever that empty?