Here's why Beyoncé and Jay Z stayed seated during the the Super Bowl national anthem

Is this... shade?
Here's why Beyoncé and Jay Z stayed seated during the the Super Bowl national anthem

One of the biggest events for sport and music in the U.S just took place, and has taken the internet by storm.

If it isn't JLO and Shakira's performance that we're obsessing over, then it's Demi Lovato's breath-taking performance of the National Anthem. The lineup for this year's Super Bowl Halftime show was undeniably fire - three beautiful, strong Latina women with vocals to match? ICONIC. 

But the American Royal Couple may have thought otherwise...

Beyoncé and Jay Z attended the Super Bowl LIV with their eldest daughter Blue Ivy, and stayed seated during the National Anthem. According to TMZ, "The Carters were sitting together a few rows back from the field, and they clearly didn't make an effort to get up during Demi Lovato's performance. A guy who appears to be a bodyguard of theirs was standing though, as was pretty much everyone else around them." 

Let's just explain why this is actually relevant. 

Previously in 2016, American footballer Colin Kaepernick began protests against police brutality using his platform as a famous athlete. His initiative to "take the knee" was purposefully unpatriotic, in a press conference he stated: “I am not going to stand up to show pride in a flag for a country that oppresses black people and people of colour.” 

His movement went viral on social media and had many celebrities join in on the conversation. 

Could it be that Jay Z and Beyoncé stayed seated for the same reason? To honour Colin Kaepernick? 

Twitter has some mixed feelings about it: