Damn, J. Lo Just Slayed The Versace Runway In A Recreation Of Her Iconic Grammys Gown

Damn, J. Lo Just Slayed The Versace Runway In A Recreation Of Her Iconic Grammys Gown

  • Jennifer Lopez just wore her iconic Versace Grammy Awards gown at the designer's runway show in Milan.
  • She closed out the show in a recreated version featuring a flowy train and posed with Donatella Versace at the show's end.

The year is 2000. Jennifer Lopez is at the Grammy awards and wears a vibrant green Versace dress. Said dress is so low, like neckline-ends-at-the-bellybutton kind of low, that it leads to the invention of Google's image search. Really. Well, fast-forward 19 years later and J. Lo wore almost the same exact look at Versace's Spring/Summer '20 show in Milan. And it is a MOMENT.

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She literally closed down the catwalk, and everyone got their phones out to capture the greatness that was Jennifer sashaying her way down the runway with a walk that would intimidate the most super of models. And if you thought it was sexy from the front, just wait until you see the back—or the very little fabric that makes it up, anyway.

But back to the fact that J. Lo and Versace inadvertently invented Google Images. The Italian fashion house teased its newest collection with a Google search as a *wink wink nod nod* to its v important technological contribution.

THE DRESS in 2000 and in 2019.

After the well-deserved standing ovation, she posed with designer Donatella Versace on the runway, and just generally looked goddamn amazing.

Also shortly before her catwalk appearance, she wore this Sally LaPointe outfit with a huge matching hat. So basically there is nothing this woman can't wear. Between the Oscar nomination buzz she's receiving for her role in Hustlers to THIS, it's just proof that this is J.Lo's world and we're all just living in it. (And I'm very okay with that.)

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