5 fun date ideas that won’t break the bank

Spending quality time with your loved one doesn’t have to cost the earth
5 fun date ideas that won’t break the bank

Not that we have anything against the heavy rush of a huge romantic gesture worthy of the ‘gram, I mean we live in the perfect place for it. But doing something simple, with no screens or social media involved, can be equally enjoyable.

Browse the farmer’s market
Kick off your weekend morning with a stroll through the Farmer’s Market. It’s generally a great place to find fresh produce, but you don’t have buy anything. Grab a takeaway coffee and go for a walk. If you feel like making it interesting, why not set a Dhs50 spend limit to see who can make the most interesting purchase?


Create your own restaurant
If crowds are not your thing, why not set up a restaurant at home? Tidy up, dim the lights (or light some candles), play some relaxing music and hit the kitchen. It doesn’t have to be complicated.
If you want to make the night last a bit longer, invite your date over and making preparing dinner a team effort.

If cooking is too daunting, there’s always delivery!


Play a board game
There’s a lot to be said to going old school and dusting out the board games. They’re fun, challenging and a bit different. Although, perhaps steer clear of Monopoly – that never seems to end well!

Make it all about dessert
Sometimes dates can be awkward and the thought of sitting through an entire three-course meal is really daunting.
Keep it light, sidestep dinner and head for dessert – plenty of options on JBR and the weather is still gorgeous enough for a walk afterwards. Any excuse for dessert, TBH.


Be tourists at home
It’s really easy to get wrapped up in school and work, without taking the time to appreciate the city we live in. With such gorgeous weather, try something different like a Big Bus Tour – sit back and look at the city from a new perspective.