Here's everything you need to know about Demi Lovato's new beau Max Ehrich

They're already each other's quarantine's!! (Pronounced like valentine)
Here's everything you need to know about Demi Lovato's new beau Max Ehrich

It's only been a few months since Demi Lovato broke things off with her ex-boyfriend, Austin Wilson because “their lifestyles were not meshing.” But recently, the singer/songwriter/actress has been spending most of her time with a new man, Max Ehrich. They only met a couple of weeks ago, but they're already quarantining together. AKA, spending a LOT of time together, which is pretty cute (ngl). 

Don't believe us? Then explain this: 

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"4D" is obviously code for "For Demi." 

If you're still skeptical, then what about this?

Max was recording an IG Live video, and Demi accidentally walked in. So they're clearly trying to stay low-key. The duo must be pretty close though if they're already self-isolating

Who exactly is Max Ehrich, you ask? Well we've got all the background deets on him to judge whether or not he's good enough for this iconic Disney star.

He's a successful soap star

The 28-year-old played Fenmore Baldwin in Young and the Restless, an American soap opera. Which - FYI - got him nominated for an Emmy! Not to mention he had a role in Walk. Ride. Rodeo. on Netflix, so acting his definitely in his skill set. 

He was a Nickolodeon kid

His cameo as Adam in iCalry was Emmy-worthy too, tbh. 

He used to have a stalker

In 2018, a real estate agent was apparenly obsessed with him and even pulled a gun on him in a "fit of rage," according to TMZ. Afterwards he obviously went into hiding and hired "full-time security."

His ex is model Sommer Ray

We all remember Sommer Ray, right? Back in 2017, her and Max were apparently "inseparable for two months,” according to ET

He even sings

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Soooo, when is that collab album with Demi going to happen then? 

And plays the guitar

No really, @Demi, we need this. 

Anyways, we'll just be spending the rest of quarantine doing a lil Insta-stalk on him. But here's to hoping they have a comfy and wholesome time in quarantine!