Kay, so here’s everyone in Hannah Brown and Tyler Cameron’s TikTok Quarantine Crew

Guess this is the reality we’re dealing with now
Kay, so here’s everyone in Hannah Brown and Tyler Cameron’s TikTok Quarantine Crew
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While the rest of us are spending social isolation in, um, social isolation, Tyler Cameron and Hannah Brown are out here creating TikTok content with a group of friends. They are calling themselves the Quarantine Crew, they’re based outta Florida, and they’re already kinda controversial considering the fact that they don’t exactly seem...to be...quarantining.

If your first instinct is to eye-roll at the concept of turning a pandemic-induced period of social distancing into an opportunity to make social content, you’re not alone. The group has gotten some backlash—Bachelor Nation’s very own Nick Viall recently shaded them, saying, “Stay home. Stop doing TikTok videos with groups of people in a pool.”

Nevertheless, the Quarantine Crew remains unperturbed, continuing to fill their sun-soaked days recording videos and doing live workouts, after securing both a TikTok account (@thequarantinecrew) and an Instagram handle (@thequarantinecrew). I guess you could say they’re the Bachelor Nation version of The Hype House? Only in a pandemic?

Anyway, time to get to know your new, vaguely problematic (?) faves:


Find out more about the crew ##fyp ##foryou ##thequarantinecrew ##questionchallenge @matthewhayball on the Aussie vocals original sound - thequarantinecrew


Obviously, we all know Tyler and Hannah. They were in a ’ship during The Bachelorette, Tyler went on to date Gigi Hadid, and now he and Hannah are back to being friends with potential benefits (verdict is still out on that one). Either way, Thanna (roll with it, please) appear to be enjoying using the Quarantine Crew outlet(s) to troll everyone about their relationship. 


BREAKING: Tyler finally got into Hannah’s pants ##fyp ##foryou ##coronavirus ##fliptheswitch ##thequarantinecrew Nonstop - Drake

And here they are playing spin the bottle:


A little spin the bottle with @hannahkbrown and @brownbearvisuals sadly... ##happyathome ##fyp ##foryou ##foryoupage ##moodboost original sound - tylerjcameron3

Truly, I love them together!


Matt is Tyler’s best friend, who happens to be a cast member on Clare Crawley’s upcoming season of The Bachelorette. How-ev-er, apparently ABC might entirely recast the show, so it’s unclear if Matt will stay in the mix.

Even if he gets axed, Matt is basically an honorary member of Bachelor Nation thanks to his friendships with Tyler’s famous buddies, including Andi Dorfman and, of course, Hannah Brown:


Meet Tyler’s brother, Ryan, man who casually poses like this:

Ryan plays football, lives in Florida, and seems to be super close to Hannah:

He’s also taken to ~vlogging~ about The Quarantine Crew:


Kate is a teacher and micro-influencer (so sorry for using the world’s most annoying term) who seems to be close to Tyler from way back:

Considering all of Tyler’s friends are basically ABC casting gold at this point, don’t be surprised if she ends up in a Bachelor Mansion near you once normal life has resumed.


Jacob is a photographer who seems to be in charge of producing Tyler’s #content. At least that’s the vibe I’m getting from this:

It looks like Jacob came down to Florida with Tyler and Matt from NYC:

Cool-cool-cool, moving on tooooo....


Olivia is also an influencer based out of Florida, but tragically, her IG account is private so there’s not much to report. However! Here’s her “influencer’s guide to trendy/Instagrammable spots in Tulum.”

Annnd that’s about it. Guess there’s nothing else to do but sit back, panic relax, and consume Quarantine Crew content...?

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