Exclusive: This Dubai influencer just made an IG filter for Kylier Jenner. No biggie

And it has taken the internet by storm(i)
Exclusive: This Dubai influencer just made an IG filter for Kylier Jenner. No biggie

From ‘Plastica’ and ‘Fix Me’ to the eponymous Mohammed filter, you will have undoubtedly tried one of IG’s augmented reality (AR) filters. But now, there’s a new face filter on the social media scene that’s set to take the ‘gram by storm(i).

Dubai-based influencer and MUA, Sophie Katirai, just launched the the Stormi Butterfly filter – and Kylie Jenner is a fan.

“I was up at 6am on January 7 with my one-year-old daughter and saw Kylie had just posted a story about her Kylie Cosmetics Stormi Collection with three beautiful moving butterflies in her hair,” Sophie tells Cosmo Middle East exclusively. “I found the look SO beautiful and immediately wanted to recreate it as a filter. I started right away, drawing butterflies and animating them, and then recreated Kylie's beautiful make-up which was done by Ariel.”

“It look me eight hours to create (I even skipped lunch and dinner to finish it!). I started in the morning and was done by 3pm. I posted the filter on my stories and left a comment under Kylie's photo, letting her know about the filter. I also shared it with @makeupbyariel, her MUA that inspired the look, and that’s how Kylie and her team discovered it!”

But how the heck does someone even get into Spark AR effects? we asked.

“I have a bachelor’s degree in graphic design and have always been very fascinated with AR filters on Snapchat and Instagram, so I immediately decided to dedicate at least four to eight hours a day to learning everything I can about the platform,” Sophie tells us.

And what would a Cosmo ME filter look like?

“Cosmo readers as smart, glamorous, and confident,” says Sophie. “So I see the Cosmo filter with a natural, unedited face (smooth skin but no make-up) that displays a message or words that inspire others. But, of course, I’d make it fun and interesting by adding some sparkle.”

Ok, we need to see that come to life RN.