Lol, Good luck looking at these pics and *not* dyeing your hair lavender

It's the prettiest damn colour of the summer.
Lol, Good luck looking at these pics and *not* dyeing your hair lavender
Lavender Hair
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TBH, I'm kinda surprised that I've survived quarantine without dyeing my hair (for the record, I dye my hair con-stant-ly). Like, it wasn't until I saw the crazy amounts of lavender hair colour ideas on my Insta feed that I even considered switching up my colour, and's all I want to do. And honestly, it's not surprising so many people are gettin in on the trend right now—lavender (not to be confused with its warmer, pinker cousin, lilac, FYI) is the perfect combo of pale purple and soft blue, making it easy to wear on any skin tone. And if you're anything like me, you're probably considering trying it yourself. That's why I rounded up the 20 prettiest lavender hair colour ideas, including soft pastels and electric neons. Prepare to screenshot your favorites, and good luck not trying this colour by next month.

This Dusty Lavender Hair


Cool, soft undertones are the key to recreating this lavender hair colour. Just make sure you're using a colour-safe shampoo to cancel out any brass in between salon appointments.

These Lavender Curls

The coolest thing about these lavender curls is that you can keep your roots fairly dark—the contrast just adds to the overall vibe (and, you know, saves you a few extra trips to your colorist).

These Lavender Ends

Don't feel like going all out with your lavender hair colour? Go for something subtle, like these soft lavender ends, before you fully commit to all-over colour.

This Ashy Lavender Hair

Everything about this multi-faceted lavender hair colour is stunning, but I'm personally obsessed with the ash-blonde undertones (like, what a pretty combination).

This Lavender Pixie Cut

The coolest way to take your pixie haircut to the next level? Go for an icy lavender dye job (and, like, take a few selfies with matchy-matchy eye makeup while you're at it).

This Lavender Ombré

Okay, I don't get why ombré isn't trending 100 percent of the time when photos like this exist. If your gradual highlights are super soft and blended (like this bright lavender hue here), you can get such a pretty finish.

This Smokey Lavender Hair

Just because you want to try lavender hair doesn't mean you need to go for something super bright. Have your colorist blend a few dark-lavender highlights with a chocolate-brown base for this muted, smokey finish.

This Icy Lavender Hair

Can we just take a moment to appreciate this icy lavender hair colour? Thanks, now go screenshot this look and send it to your colourist.

This Electric Lavender Hair

The year is 2020, and if you aren't trying out crazy-vibrant hair colours, WYD? Take cues from this electric lavender hue and go for something bold, especially if you're working with curly hair.

These Lavender Streaks

A couple face-framing lavender streaks is all you need to experiment with the trend. Am I the only who's obsessed with this strawberry blonde combo?

This Pinky Lavender Hair

Looking for a lavender hair colour that reads a little more pink? You can't go wrong with this warm and glossy shade. It's a bit strawberry, a bit lilac, and a bit blonde, making it feel a little less scary for anyone who isn't quite ready for all-over lavender.

This Dark Lavender Hair

TBH, blended highlights aren't for everyone. If you want something a bit more extreme, you'll love this two-toned lavender hair colour that feels more denim than it does purple.

This Blonde Lavender Hair

K, this hair colour might look totally blonde upon first glance, but look closer and you'll notice the softest lavender tint. Pretty, right?

These Lavender Roots

Try out a reverse ombré and have your colourist dye your roots a soft shade of lavender, keeping your ends a creamy blonde. It feels a bit like the Billie Eilish trend, but definitively easier to wear.

These Lavender Waves

The coolest addition to any lavender hair colour? Beachy waves and a half-up bun. To recreate these waves, wrap once-inch sections of hair around a curling wand, tugging on the ends to loosen each curl before it cools.

This Metallic Lavender Hair

IMO, the shiny, metallic finish is what takes this lavender hair colour to new heights. Don't you love how this one looks on long hair (especially hair as glossy as this)?

These Lavender Bangs

Why not tackle two trends at once? After your stylist colours your hair lavender, ask for a set of eye-skimming bangs to complete the look.

This Pale Lavender Hair

If you're worried about growing out your lavender hair colour, you should ask your colorist for something super pale. That way, it won't look that severe in between appointments.

This Lavender and Brown Hair

An easy way to freshen up your brown hair? Add a few lavender streaks throughout the lower half (with a couple face-framing pieces for good measure).

This Lavender and Platinum Hair

I mean, can you name a more iconic duo than pastel lavender and platinum blonde? Nah, I didn't think so.

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