Hair conditioners vs masks: Everything you need to know

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Hair conditioners vs masks: Everything you need to know
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Ever wondered what the difference is between a hair conditioner and a hair mask? Why are we using both instead of just one? Well, we spoke to the experts at Pantene to bring you all the answers. Consider this your ultimate guide to understanding what each of these products are, how they work, how to use them, and what is the best option out there. 

What differentiates a hair conditioner from a hair mask?
In simple words, hair conditioner is usually the next step after using shampoo. It should be applied with every hair wash into damp hair strands (not the roots), left for a few minutes and then rinsed thoroughly. Conditioners usually have a creamy and soft texture that help to improve the look and feel of the hair instantly.

Hair masks focus more on nourishing and hydrating the hair through stronger formulas. They usually include different kinds of nourishing ingredients and usually require a few uses before you start to see results. The texture of the mask is thicker and less glutinous than a hair conditioner and should only be used from one to three times a week on the full length of hair, from roots to edges.

They both serve the same goal, but a conditioner boasts more instantaneous results, while a mask works long-term from the inside out.

Does my hair need both? Why are they equally important?

In short, yes. By using both a conditioner and a mask, you cover all aspects of hair care in order to achieve soft, smooth hair and provide it with protection from heat and sun exposure. Masks nourish and repair your hair while strengthening and restoring its natural beauty, while conditioners, offer a near-instant soft and healthy hair look.

Do I have to go through all these steps? Isn’t there an easier option that gives the same result?

We know how you feel, so we looked for a product that would provide us with the benefits of both. The answer is Pantene's 3 Minute Miracle. This product boasts all the power of a hair mask in a daily conditioner. It is an intensive conditioner that could be used in every hair wash, providing you with the results of a hair mask too. It is formulated with an all-new manufacturing technology, which provides you with a conditioner's instant results while also activating the repairing and protective ingredients of a hair mask.

It can also repair long term damage in just three minutes, thanks to the Smart Pro-V innovation that adapts to the hair and provides it with exactly what it needs to become stronger and softer while coating it with the right amount of ingredients. The formula also includes active lipids that penetrate the fibre’s lipid-rich regions inside your hair to build core resilience and strength. It distributes evenly inside the hair and only targets parts that require care. It leaves the hair looking healthy without weighing it down.

Can I use the 3 Minute Miracle on my bleached hair?

Yes, the product works for dyed, coloured and bleached hair. It also works a treat on dull hair, dry hair, split ends and thin or fine hair.