Every product your hair needs to perfect space buns

You probably have some of these at home
Every product your hair needs to perfect space buns
Paige Gambacort

IDK about you, but space buns are my "zero effort, but I look like a million bucks" go-to look  - I'm pretty sure I can do them while asleep. They're chic, they're clean and they give an affordable facelift.

You can always keep it simple for a day look or add a few bold accessories and you're ready for a music festival. Either way, you need the same products for the perfect space buns.

1. Grab your fave leave-in conditioner

Dhs34 at Mumz World

It's super important to hydrate and moisturise your hair before manipulating it. The Hask 5-in-1 leave-in is one of my all-time favourite leave-in conditioner - my hair absorbs moisture easily, so this always helps hydrate my scalp.

2. You'll need a detangling hairbrush

Dhs41 at iHerb

To achieve that sleek look, a detangling hairbrush is the best way to get your hair laid. I have 4c natural hair (it's the thickest of the bunch) so I always have to switch between a toothbrush and a hairbrush.

3. Use an edge control (or gel)

Dhs80 at Noon

You definitely need a good edge control to keep your buns looking fresh and neat. If you have thick hair like mine, I recommend using a gel with strong hold protection. Got 2B is my holy grail.

4. Accessories!!

Zara, Dhs45

You can keep it simple with bobby pins or bold with some colourful hair clips, depending on the occasion. I usually like to use bobby pins to create a pattern on a bun. I'm obsessed with these ones from Zara.

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