The Dhs47 hyaluronic acid that's getting rave reviews online

This product is anything but ordinary
The Dhs47 hyaluronic acid that's getting rave reviews online

As it’s day *infinity* of the Stay Home, Stay Safe initiative, I’m at home (obvs) and sipping on some cucumber water. Do I look tired and worn out from this eternal quarantine? Not at all! My hydrated skin looks fresh and glowing. There’s a very simple (and oh-so-wallet friendly) reason as to why.

What it is:

As a newbie to the cult skincare brand The Ordinary, I had so many burning questions. Does it actually work? And why is it so cheap? Research commenced. Here is the lowdown…

The Ordinary was created to get top quality skincare ingredients to the masses at bargain prices by Deciem, a powerhouse skincare company. Products are affordable because Deciem gets 5-star ingredients at 1-star prices, has packaging more basic than the Snapchat dog filter, AND they do zero marketing.

The catch: You need to understand the science behind the ingredients to create your own perfect skincare “mocktail”.

The key ingredients:

I tested out the Hyaluronic Acid 2% + B5 serum. Hyaluronic acid grabs water from the surface of your skin and humid environments (hello, Dubai summer) and holds on to it tighter than a Gucci belt at a sample sale. Vitamin B5, aka Panthenol, is that friend who always hypes your skin up. It works great with hyaluronic acid, it’s a humectant (water-binding molecule) and an emollient in its own right. The result? Some serious line-plumping action softened skin and a more beautiful-looking YOU!

The verdict:

The BIG takeaway? This product works exactly the same as all the super-expensive, luxury hyaluronic acid serums on the market. I used this product both morning (works great under makeup!) and night. My fine lines were less noticeable. My healthy and hydrated skin looked great both in person and virtually! Loved it. My only negative is that I can’t believe I didn’t discover it sooner. Trying not to think of all the money I could have saved! *crying rn*

One tip: When using skincare, always apply in order of thinnest consistency to thickest!

Get The Ordinary products exclusively at Dubai’s online clean beauty store, Aspire Beauty - keep your eyes open, they usually have coupon codes floating around.

The Ordinary Hyaluronic Acid 2% + B5, Dhs47 at Aspire Beauty