Huda Beauty just revealed the new mascara and it's prolly going to take over the (beauty) world

You might want to get your hands on this ASAP
Huda Beauty just revealed the new mascara and it's prolly going to take over the (beauty) world

Damn, we're still reeling over the diamond-encrusted lip balms that were released earlier this month and now this?

'Kay, so last week, Huda Beauty teased followers on Instagram with a post that said, "Huda Beauty Mascara,  5 years in the making...coming soon."

Now I don't know about you, but that post got me excited because if there's something we know by now, it's that Huda Beauty does not do a half-ass job - that company goes all the way out for each product release.

Case in point: The mascara is called Legit Lashes and from what we've seen, it deffo 100% legit. Huda revealed what the mascara looks like on her Youtube page and we're just impressed. She said aimed to create a mascara that'll work well for everybody, no matter your lash type...and that, she did!

Legit Lashes is two full-size mascaras in one bottle, there's the volume side and the curl & length side, depending on how you're feeling. The colour is Very Vanta, Huda describes it as "super intense black, it is so dark that it absorbs light."

Just so you grasp what this mascara is all about - it is two brushes, two formulas, two different effects, all in ONE bottle. It doesn't get better than that. With this product, you're definitely getting your money's worth. In Huda's words, this is "the ONLY mascara that made me feel comfortable without false lashes!"

The mascara will officially launch on May 20 and I already know that it's going to be amazing. I cannot wait to try it!

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